Hi there! My name is Timo Kramp. 
I’m a freelance Art Director & UX Designer based in Amsterdam. Helping sustainable & ethical brands get the positive attention they deserve.

Hi there! My name is Timo Kramp. I’m a freelance Art Director & UX Designer from Amsterdam focussing on graphic & digital design for sustainable brands.


Born and raised in the hustling and bustling city of Amsterdam. I’ve always been fascinated by art, design and nature.

In 2012 I studied Graphic Design in Rotterdam. While studying I founded Timo Kramp Design (2014), where I did projects for friends and family. After my study I started working at multiple international agencies like Adoratorio, DEPT Agency and Wonderland Industry.

In 2017 I decided to do things differently. After changing my personal lifestyle I also changed the vision of my company. Since then I help sustainable & ethical brands with creating a branding identity, digital purposes, print & editorial design and styling. Because I believe that design can make a positive change.


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