Organic Mouthcare

Branding & Digital design is an online webshop for organic mouth care products in the Netherlands. The webshop is created by a professional dentist for people to use better mouth care products.

All the products in the shop are personally an carefully selected by the dentist himself.



Besides creating a professional webshop, reached out the me with the question to create a friendly branding that fits the ideation of the brand.

The logo is build up out of soft and bright colours, which fits the dental and organic look and feel. The font is easily readable and has a friendly character because of the rounded edges. To give the logo a more remarkable image I created a icon which shows three overlapping minimalistic leafs. The overlapping leafs also looks a hearth which reverse to the organic ideation of the brand.

I illustrated a custom icon set that fits the logo type and branding of The illustrations makes the website more friendly and assessable.



I implemented the branding into the website. My challenge was to create a webshop which looks great and is easily useable.

It’s really important to make the website user friendly so the visitors can easily find the products they are looking for. 

The website is fully responsive and useable on desktop, tablet and smartphone.