Luxury interior items

Art direction & UX Design

MD is a interior item supplier for high end florists and interior stores in The Netherlands. MD is well known by there high quality and handmade ceramics, mouthblownglass, candles and interior accessories. 

MD reached out to me to give there website a new fresh design and improve the order process for there clients.


The Process

The challenge was to create a multifunctional website. Visitors can have a visual impression of the MD products, and professionals can easily order there favourite products.

In order to get a clear overview of the website I created wireframes. In the wireframes I drawed the userflow and possition of the content which helps the visitors to easily navigate trough the website. 

The goal of the visual website is to inspire and give the visitors a good look and feel of the brand. The webshop is focussed on the sales of the products and help clients find there favourite products.

Visual design

I created a new colour palette for the website based on the dark brown colour of the MD logo. The new colour palette fits the high end look and feel that MD wants to communicate to there clients. I used suptile iconary in the buttons to make it easier to navigate trough the website.


On the previous website there where a lot of private individuals asking where they can purchase the MD products. MD only supplies to high end stores but still want to help private individuals. That's why I designed a store locator on the visual website. Here you can type in your city, and the locator will help you find the nearest MD selling points.



To give the website a personal look I planned a photoshoot at a special location. This pictures are used on the visual website to give the visitors a good representation of the look and feel that MD wants to comunnicate.

Photography by: Laura van Geest


The previous webshop had some bad response from the clients of MD. They find it hard to order products, because they did'nt had a clear overview of the products.

I helped MD to improve there order process. MD has arround 50.000 different products in the webshop. To create a clear overview of all products I made split up the products in four different themes. Candles & Holders, Vases, Ceramics and Furniture. Every theme has a filter section on the left side of the page. By clicking the checkboxes you can filter the products really easily.

The product page is very clean. You have a clear overview of the product, because of the large image. On the left the visitors have the option to choose there favourite colour, size and quantity, and can easily add it to there shopping bag.


Responsive design

The visual website and webshop are fully responsive. Visitors can easily have a look of the brand on there mobile phone, and even order products while they are on the way.


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